Chemical engineer Diana Kharina from Matrix Specialty Lubricants BV:

“Chemeter helped us become 100% CLP and REACH compliant”

Chemical engineer Diana Kharina from Matrix Specialty Lubricants BV

Diana Kharina from Matrix about Chemeter and SdSArea – Diana Kharina was born in Russia. But when she was nine years old, she moved to Portugal with her parents. After graduating from high school, she chose to study chemical engineering. For her master thesis she could go for research at the University of Lisbon or for a company. She chose the latter and searched the Internet. She found Matrix Specialty Lubricants in Duiven. She originally came to this company for six months to write her thesis. But after completing her studies, Matrix offered her a position within the company. And she said to herself, “why not? Let’s try. “That was two and a half years ago.”

“My official position is that of a chemical engineer, but most of my time is in the quality control, customer and technical support department. I mainly deal with the procedures surrounding the mixtures. Not a typical activity for a chemical engineer, more for a communications expert. But I like both my job and the company I work for. I like it all, so I’ll leave it that way.”


Matrix has total focus on the client

“Matrix Specialty Lubricants produces, mixes, manages and sells” food grade “and other lubricants and greases for machines, hydraulic systems, chains, dispensers, et cetera, et cetera. We distinguish ourselves in the market because of the continuous focus on our customers. Not just on the product, like most of our competitors. We take our customers’ questions very seriously and have more than average contact with them. Our goal is to provide them with the product that best suits their needs. Often the customer does not know in a technical sense what is best for their situation or application. So before we start developing products, we first screen their situation very carefully. We ask questions and investigate the working and environmental conditions. Then, based on all this information, we advise what the best solution is for them. Then when they give us a “go,” we start producing.”


Working with Chemeter is clear and simple

“Within Matrix Specialty Lubricants I am the person responsible for the Material Safety Data Sheets. And some years ago we decided to work with Chemeter and SdSArea from Siam. We’ve got in touch with Siam through a partner in Spain. We initially considered another software solution, but after the demonstration by Siam we were absolutely convinced that Chemeter in combination with SdSArea offered us the best solution. The arguments that led to this choice were simple: Siam was more user-friendly than the other solution, was flexible and offered the best price. Especially in the long term. Another compelling argument was that our partner in Spain was very satisfied with their day-to-day work with Chemeter and SdsArea. Just like us at the moment, by the way.”


Ease of use is the great asset

“For me, Chemeter’s great asset is its enormous ease of use. Everything is so clear and simple. The system is not only very easy to use, but at the same time has a very wide range of possibilities. One of the specific features that I really like is the flashpoint calculation with “the greater than, less than characters”. And on the rare occasions when I don’t know or understand something, I ask Siam’s support department. Or I watch one of the many videos in which I actually always find an answer to my question. In those videos everything is explained step by step and very easy to understand.”


Everything works automatically

“Another thing I like about Chemeter is the fact that everything works automatically. For example, when there is an update as a result of a new classification of one or more of the raw materials. Then we automatically receive a notification that we must validate the new versions of the MSDS for all products containing those raw materials.”


The comfort of SdSArea

“SdSArea also works great for us. Because many of our customers are also distributors themselves, with their own end users. It would be very difficult for us to keep them constantly up to date with all the latest versions, as all our customers collectively have hundreds of products in their portfolio. Using SdSArea also makes this task very easy for us. Every time there is a change that results in a new version of the MSDS, SdSArea automatically informs our customers. Provided with a link to their new safety data sheets. And if our customers want us to inform their customers too, that’s no problem at all. The same applies to our private label customers whose safety data sheets have been generated in their format and with their logo. “


Passing the inspection with flying colors!

And the output? “The output is excellent. Last year in September we had an inspection by the ILT regarding the CLP and REACH regulations. And they concluded that everything here at Matrix Specialty Lubricants is done completely according to the rules and regulations. So now we can say that we are 100% CLP and REACH compliant. “

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