SdSArea beheer & distributie MSDS

According to article 3 (CE) 1907/2006 (REACH) you are legally obliged to inform your customer that the SDS has been sent. SdSArea is a cost-effective solution that makes managing your material safety data sheets very easy. You save time and ensure your legal security.

The advantages of SDSArea at a glance:

The specialized document management system SdSArea provides your company with an exclusive online storage for your MSDS, adapted to your company image (think of logo, texts, background colours, font colours, etc.).
With SdSArea, you can quickly assign the appropriate safety data sheets to your customers, including the different languages, for a shipment.
When an MSDS is modified, SdSArea automatically sends a notification to the customers for whom this information is important. The renewed MSDS will then be digitally available in the application. Then the customer can download the MSDS, if necessary,
Thanks to the SdSArea registration system for receipt you know whether the customer has downloaded the modified document and thus has an accreditation for its receipt.
With SdSArea your clients have access to the safety data sheets that apply to them at any time in a secure environment and in their own language.


Automatic notification to your customers

SdSArea is a tool that automatically manages and distributes your safety data sheets. After shipment SdSArea informs your customers that the new SDSs are in the online document management system, which is available for inspection and download. The application complies with the legal obligation of Article 31 of Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH).


Notify your customers immediately!

Legislation is decisive, especially in the chemical industry. And in the case of an inspection we need to be certain that our day-to-day operations and procedures are fully compliant with the law. Therefore, forget about sending new safety data sheets by e-mail, where the attachment is overlooked and customers do not acknowledge receipt … Stop using via an outdated and uncertain method to inform. Choose SdSArea.

SdSArea is a system with full security

SdSArea guarantees the safety and confidentiality of safety data sheets by encrypting the connection via an SSL certificate. This certificate guarantees the privacy of your information at all times. SdSArea has important security measures on its servers and an expert technical team that provides quality and reliability for your MSDS distribution system.

Sending safety data sheets automatically
Automatic shipping notifications to customers ♦
Monitoring check of SDS
Sending size without MB limit
♦ All SDSs brought together in one place
♦ Customer access to SDS at any time
♦ Correct receipt of SDS to avoid spam
♦ Adaptation to the language of the customer
With SdS Area you are assured of:
  • automatic sending notification of safety data sheets
  • tracking control of SDSs
  • unlimited MB upload
  • storage of receipt
  • all your SDSs brought together on one single site
  • customer access to their safety data sheets at any time
  • correct receipt of SDS without spam
  • adapted to the language of customers
  • integration into your management system


How does it work?
  • SdS Area creates an exclusive space for your company, tailored to your company image (logo, text, background colours, font colours, etc.).
  • With SdS Area you can quickly create or import your products and customers. You can quickly assign the corresponding safety data sheets to them in different languages.
  • When a safety data sheet is modified, SdS Area automatically notifies your customers by offering them the modified safety data sheet.
  • Thanks to the SdS Area delivery confirmation system you know whether your customer has downloaded the modified document.
  • In addition, with SdS Area your customers have access to the safety data sheet they use in digital format: in a simple and safe way and in their own language. They can do this at any time.

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