XMILE International about Siam:

“Both the software and the support are top class”

XMILE International about Siam: “Both the software and the support are top class” – Director Boudewijn Sanders is an entrepreneur pur sang. After his underwater engineering training, he started his own offshore company almost immediately. Inspection and repairs to seagoing vessels, as well as saturation diving at greater depths. Initially he went into hiding himself, but with the growth of his company, the emphasis shifted more and more to management and acquisition. After he sold this business in the early 1990s, he became involved in various land development projects and the construction of hotels, apartments and villas in enchanting Dalmatia, Croatia’s southernmost province.
Around 2007 he became involved with the company XMILE. A company that started around 2005 with the original goal of making shipping more environmentally friendly. The product XMILE is now also used in fuel for cars, trucks, agricultural machines and for other purposes.

XMILE International about Siam: "Both the software and the support are top class"

The product XMILE is an advanced fuel additive based on enzyme technology with the aim of increasing fuel efficiency and reliability. On the website, the company emphasizes that XMILE is not a chemical product and certainly not a biocide. Boudewijn Sanders: “We make fuels better at the molecular” level “. The refining process from crude to usable ingredients leaves – in Europe! – ultimately a fuel that burns 80% well, but 20% particularly bad. The latter part is, among other things, the cause of high concentrations of fine dust in the air, but also the faster wear of certain parts of engines and boilers. By adding one liter of XMILE to 10,000 liters of fuel, you significantly increase the combustion qualities of that fuel. Several scientifically verified test reports show that XMILE achieves up to 70% fine dust reduction and 5 to 8% fuel savings.”


500,000 XMILE users daily

“The company XMILE produces in the Netherlands and is active in 32 countries through a global network of resellers. Worldwide there are about 1000 petrol stations where our products are added to the fuel as standard. Both petrol and diesel. We have traditionally been strong in shipping and even the largest ships appear to achieve 5 to 8% fuel savings. And please note: these are not just any stories, but are evident from the tests that shipping companies such as Stena Line and the Teso ferry service have done before they started working with us. We also work for transport companies, large agricultural companies, oil companies, fuel distributors and industrial production companies. In Germany, XMILE is frequently added to domestic heating oil. They still use that a lot there. We use HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) for home heating oils. We use this as a carrier of the enzymes in the product XMILE. In total, we have more than 500,000 users of our products every day.”


Fuel stabilization

“Another interesting fact of the XMILE product is the improvement of the oxidation stability – say shelf life – of the fuel. Under normal circumstances it is 6 months. By adding our product, the fuel has a much longer shelf life. So XMILE also stabilizes the fuel.”


Good support

“The active substance in XMILE is a biological product that is exempt from REACH registration. We created our safety data sheets without using any software. But when we were negotiating with the Spanish oil company Repsol last year, it became clear to us that the legal obligations in this area have become considerably more complex. They only wanted to work with us if we could provide good, original safety data sheets with our products. They indicated that they are very satisfied with Chemeter from Siam. According to them, this is very good, reliable and affordable software for making safety sheets. So then I made contact with their reseller in North West Europe (Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium – ed.) And I really like it so far. It is a pleasant contact and they contribute very well. At one point the installation of the software was delayed due to holidays in Spain, but I really needed a safety sheet immediately. Then Paul from Siam North West Europe created that safety data sheet for us with his own demonstration software. That helped us enormously. How the contact with Siam has continued and is progressing, it is better to ask our employee Miro Sanders. He has supervised the installation and is now making our safety data sheets.”


Lots of patience and very precise

“Yes, I had direct contact with Paul and that went very smoothly,” says Miro Sanders. “He told me exactly what was going to happen or what to do. And what he said was always right. When he said: “Tomorrow at 9:00 am someone from Spain will request access to your laptop”, he did. It’s also nice that when Paul says, “I’ll call you tomorrow at 9:00 am,” it isn’t at one minute past nine or one minute to nine, but exactly at 9:00 am.
“I am currently studying Entrepreneurship & Retail Management at HAN in Nijmegen and have no chemical background. I also have no experience with this type of software. So at first I didn’t know where to look. I had no point of reference. But Paul helped me tremendously with that too. By telling me what to do with a lot of patience and very precisely. Maybe I didn’t get it the first time and not the second and third time either, but then I realized how nice and easy it is to work with this software. At the moment I only have questions very occasionally, but if I do, I will call Paul and it will be arranged again in no time. Both the software and the support are top-notch.”

For more information about XMILE click here: www.xmile.com or www.driveyourcityclean.com or www.cruiseouroceansclean.com