KAM Manager & REACH Coordinator René Engbers:

“Preparing, printing and sending an MSDS is arranged in an instant with Chemeter”

Bleko Chemie has been developing, producing and supplying chemical liquids since 1934, mainly for the consumer market. The company’s distinctive strength lies in its high-quality and innovative products and flexible, reliable service. Bleko Chemie offers a wide range of chemical products both under own brands and for private labels.

As a supplier of hazardous chemical substances, Bleko naturally takes the greatest possible care with regard to the safety of users. Consider, for example, the careful preparation and presentation of Safety Information Sheets and labels that comply with legislation and regulations.

"Preparing, printing and sending an MSDS is arranged in an instant with Chemeter"
Built-in functionality

From 2008 to 2014, Bleko Chemie worked for the production of MSDS with a software solution that produced legally justified results, but which was experienced as cumbersome by the professionals who had to work with it. KAM Manager & REACH Coordinator René Engbers van Bleko:
“We had to add too many and too often functionality and data ourselves. That is why around 2012, 2013 we reoriented ourselves towards other possibilities and in 2014 we started Chemeter from Siam. The main reason is that those functionalities and data are automatically built in.”


Working with Chemeter is effortless

“Working with Chemeter is simple. Preparing, printing and sending an MSDS takes little effort and time. In the hectic of every day, for example, it can sometimes happen that the sales department says: “We sent this and that customer a quotation and promised an MSDS. Would you please print it out for us? ” That can be arranged in an instant with Chemeter.”


Input Chemeter always 100% up to date

“Legislation regarding hazardous substances is constantly evolving. What applies today is completely different tomorrow. In the five years that we have now worked with Chemeter, we have noticed that the input from the software is always 100% up-to-date.”


Acceptance of safety data sheets

“Just like any other company in the chemical sector, we at Bleko Chemie regularly visit inspectors from the NVWA. The safety data sheets produced with Chemeter have never been a concern. That’s always good.”


Label Editor to compose and check labels

“The Label Editor within Chemeter is also a useful tool. Incidentally, I do not use them to print labels, but to compile labels and check them at a later stage – after possible legislative changes.”


Smooth cooperation with Siam organization

“Collaboration with the Siam organization is smooth. Our questions are answered accurately. Small troubles in the process are resolved quickly and without any problems.”


Enlightening instructional videos

“In terms of guidance, I also find the instruction videos enlightening. Especially when we started working with this software. If you do not understand something for a while, but also when you are introducing a new tool, it works perfectly. The videos explain in great detail how to work with certain tools.”

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