ECHA checked 21% of REACH registration dossiers for compliance

ECHA checked 21% of REACH registration dossiers for compliance

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ECHA checked 21% of REACH registration dossiers for complianceThe European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) carried out compliance checks on around 15,000 registrations between 2009 and 2023, which corresponds to 21% of complete registrations. This means that the Agency has achieved its legal target for dossier evaluation, which was increased from 5% to 20% in 2019. Of the substances registered in quantities of 100 tons or more per year, ECHA checked around 30% for compliance.

In 2023, the Agency carried out 301 compliance checks, examining over 1,750 registrations and 274 individual substances. These checks focused on registration dossiers that may have data gaps and aim to improve the safety data of these substances. As a result, 251 adopted decisions were sent to companies requesting additional data to clarify the long-term effects of chemicals on human health or the environment.


The follow-up evaluation process

ECHA will now pay more attention to the follow-up of the requests sent to companies. In the follow-up evaluation process, the Agency checks the incoming information for compliance. The outcome of the incoming data will be communicated to the Member States and the European Commission to enable prioritization of substances. ECHA will work more closely with Member States to enforce non-compliant dossiers.



Compliance with registration dossiers will continue to be a priority for ECHA in the coming years. This year, the Agency is assessing the impact of the Joint Evaluation Action Plan. Focuses on improving REACH registration compliance and developing new priority areas to work on with stakeholders. ECHA’s March workshop on its integrated regulatory strategy will provide further input to this work.


Evaluation of substances

In 2023, ECHA also adopted six substance evaluation decisions prepared by EU Member States. These call for additional information to assess the safety of substances of potential concern.


Joint action plan for evaluation

In 2019, ECHA and the European Commission adopted a joint plan to improve compliance with REACH registrations. The planned activities have now been completed. The next steps to further improve chemical safety data compliance are currently being discussed with the Commission, Member States and industry.


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