ECHA’s law enforcement authorities check reports from poison centers

ECHA's law enforcement authorities check reports from poison centers

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ECHA’s law enforcement authorities check reports from poison centersECHA’s Enforcement Forum is preparing a project to check whether suppliers have reported hazardous chemical mixtures to poison centers. Poison center notifications allow for immediate assistance.

March 25, 2024 – The aim of the controls is to protect human health by enforcing the obligation for chemical suppliers to report information on hazardous mixtures to national authorities. National authorities provide this information to poison control centers so that they can advise citizens or medical personnel in an emergency. Poison control centers must have accurate information on hazardous mixtures to ensure that emergency response is informed and appropriate.


The role of inspectors

Inspectors check that the notification has been submitted and check the labels of the mixtures and, where necessary, the safety data sheets. The exact scope of the inspections will be determined in the coming months. The inspections in this project will start in January 2025 and will last six months. The project report will be published at the end of 2025.


New online sales project in 2025

The forum also agreed on the specific scope of the next Harmonized Enforcement Project (REF-13) for online sales, for which inspections will begin in 2025. Inspectors will check products sold online to determine whether they contain substances whose use is restricted under REACH and POPs regulations. These inspections will also check that mixtures are classified, labeled and packaged in accordance with the Classification, Labeling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation and check that the relevant information is provided online. The checks may also include compliance with restrictions defined in the RoHS Directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment).



During the March meeting, the Forum and members of the Biocides Regulatory Subgroup (BPRS) provided guidance on other ongoing projects and exchanged information on enforcement initiatives at national level.
The Forum and BPRS met remotely from March 14-22, 2024. The next meeting will take place in June 2024.



The Enforcement Forum, including the Biocides Subgroup (BPRS), is a network of EU and EEA enforcement authorities. They are responsible for coordinating the enforcement of REACH, CLP, PIC, POPs and biocides regulations, with the aim of protecting our health and the environment while ensuring a level playing field for companies across the EU market.


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Source: ECHA
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