35 Hazardous Chemicals Added to Prior Informed Consent (PIC)

35 Hazardous Chemicals Added to Prior Informed Consent (PIC)

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35 Hazardous Chemicals Added to Prior Informed Consent (PIC)Following an amendment to the EU Prior Informed Consent Regulation, 35 hazardous chemicals have been added to the PIC. Therefore, as of November 1, 2023, EU exporters are required to notify the intended export of these substances. This also applied to the substances that were already on this list. The chemicals added to Annex I of the PIC include 27 pesticides and eight industrial chemicals.

In addition to export notification, most of these chemicals also require explicit approval from the importing country before export can occur. In addition, four chemicals that previously required only an export notification now also require an explicit authorization for import into the importing country.


IT tool ePIC updated

The ePIC IT tool has been updated accordingly and companies can already start reporting their exports.


Background of PIC

The PIC Regulation governs trade in certain hazardous chemicals that are banned or severely restricted in the EU. It imposes obligations on companies that want to export these chemicals to non-EU countries or import them into the EU.


EC updates PIC Annex

The European Commission is updating PIC Annex I, which lists chemicals that require export notification and explicit consent from the importing country. It now contains 295 items.


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