ECHA workshop paves way for regulations on non-animal chemicals

ECHA sees widespread use of alternatives to chemical safety assessment

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ECHA workshop paves way for regulations on non-animal chemicalsMore than 500 participants attended ECHA’s workshop on new approach methods (NAMs) to discuss options. With the goal of replacing animal testing in the risk assessment of industrial chemicals while ensuring a high level of protection for human health and the environment.

The goal of the May 31-June 1 workshop was to gain a common understanding of what NAMs can accomplish in the short and long term. Participants discussed potential areas where NAMs could be used to reduce regulatory reliance on animal test data and how to accelerate their regulatory adoption.



Although significant progress has been made in implementing NAMs, challenges remain. During the workshop, participants discussed the potential of NAMs to accelerate the pace of evaluations and provide better scientific knowledge while incorporating ethical values.


Director of Prioritization and Integration

Ofelia Bercaru, Director of Prioritization and Integration, said:
“ECHA is committed to supporting the development of new methods to replace animal testing.” We also want to contribute to future EU regulations on chemicals that are not based on animal testing. This workshop has given us new insights and a better understanding of how to move forward in implementing horizontal regulations such as REACH and CLP.”
“Joint efforts by all stakeholders are needed to accelerate progress,” he said. “We are ready to do our part.”


The role of ECHA

ECHA continues to play an active role in promoting alternatives. By providing more data for the development of alternatives, by further developing the QSAR toolbox, and by developing guidance documents and guidance for ECHA and OECD stakeholders. ECHA also continues to collaborate at the international level through the APCRA, PARC, and EPAA initiatives.
Workshop reports will be available on ECHA’s website in due course.



The workshop brought together more than 500 stakeholders in Helsinki and online. This group included representatives from the international scientific community, OECD, NGOs, industry and the EU.


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Source: ECHA
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