ECHA to develop restriction proposal for chromium(VI) substances

ECHA to develop restriction proposal for chromium(VI) substances

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ECHA to develop restriction proposal for chromium(VI) substances – The European Commission has asked ECHA to prepare a REACH restriction proposal for certain chromium(VI) substances currently on the authorization list of substances of very high concern.

ECHA has been asked by the European Commission to prepare an annex. ECHA will submit the proposal by October 4, 2024.


Purpose of the restriction proposal

The reduction proposal aims to address the challenges posed by the current and potential future workload for both ECHA and the Commission. This workload results from the large number of applications for authorization for the use of these substances that have already been submitted or may originate from hundreds of companies. For ECHA, evaluating the applications and providing opinions on them would exceed the available resources of the Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) and Socioeconomic Analysis Committee (SEAC). This would interfere with their work to regulate other hazardous chemicals.


Mandate expansion possible

If ECHA identifies a potential risk of unfortunate substitution by other chromium (VI) substances when preparing the restriction proposal, it is possible to extend the mandate to other chromium (VI) substances. However, this must be discussed and agreed with the Commission.


Preparation and evaluation of the restriction proposal

The preparation of the restriction proposal and its evaluation by RAC and SEAC will follow the standard REACH restriction process. In preparing the proposal, ECHA will take into account the knowledge and experience it has gained in processing authorization applications for these substances.


A scoop

Once the Commission approves the restriction, the substances covered by the scope will be removed from the authorization list. This would be the first time in the history of REACH that such action would be taken.


Help for companies

The Commission has published a question-and-answer document clarifying the situation for affected companies. The document also addresses key issues related to the European Court of Justice ruling that annulled the authorization of a consortium that includes many downstream users of chromium trioxide (Chemservice ruling).
Companies dealing with chromium (VI) compounds are invited to consult the document for further information. If your question is not answered in the document, please send it to



In April 2013 and August 2014, a total of eleven chromium (VI) substances were added to the authorization list. They can cause cancer, genetic mutations and harm reproduction. Some of them are also skin and respiratory allergens. One of the most important uses of the substances covered by the restriction proposal is electroplating. This is a common surface finishing process used to coat material.


More information
  • Questions and answers from the Commission for companies
  • Mandate to ECHA
  • Register of restriction intentions
  • Judgment of the European Court of Justice, Case C-144/21
  • Authorization list – entry 16 – chromium trioxide
  • Authorization list – Entry 17 – Chromic acid


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